Erath on fire blog

I have temporarily set up a blog for the Erath on Fire project. I’ll be following the Erath County Volunteer Fire & Rescue around for about a year and shooting everything they do. I’m doing it for a future publication of some kind, I’m just not sure what right now.

Until we get the official website up, the blog will be located here.


Great post on from Seth Godin.

How many times you have seen something like this that made you wonder about the future of human kind? The sad thing is, things like this happen every day in business. The hard part is instilling enough pride in your employees that they take an extra minute to move the log.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of behavior that makes “The Office” so much fun to watch.


In addition to the list below, I would like to add a hot cup of Starbucks coffee. White chocolate mocha with extra white chocolate. Now it’s the perfect day.