Here’s a collection of the typography from the vintage Batman fight scenes. This will take you back if you grew up watching the 60’s Batman TV show.

Note: Yeah, I wasn’t alive in the 60’s. However, around 1989 when Tim Burton’s Batman flick bowed, they began to rerun the original show on TV. My brother and I loved watching it every week.

Via HOW.

Why I hate coupons

So, I’m in line at Wal-Mart, which is probably my least favorite place to be. I’ve just spent 20 minutes shopping, and another 10 in line is not my idea of fun.

The couple in front of me has just finished checking out $200 worth of groceries. That takes a while.

Just as I see a light at the end of the tunnel, the woman whips out a stack of coupons as thick as the last Harry Potter book. And, of course, as the cashier begins to scan them (after picking her chin up off the floor) most of them have some sort of issue which requires her to punch an elaborate code into the machine. This adds a solid five minutes to the process. I really wish I was kidding.

It saved them a grand total of five dollars. Now, I realize five dollars is a lot of money to some people. In fact, to me it’s generally a lot of money. However, at that point I was tempted to offer her five dollars just to leave right then.

There has got to be a better way for stores to handle coupons. It’s a pain for the employees, and it’s a pain for every customer except the one saving the money.

Guard your heart

Steven Furtick has a great post about guarding your heart.

The quote that got me was: “Be careful who you share your dreams with. Their negativity can contaminate the possibility before it ever has a chance to become a reality.”

This is incredibly important. God’s call on your life can often seem (even to you) like a crazy thing. God has called me to do some things in the ministry that most people around me would think are crazy. As a result, they will try to discourage me before I ever have a chance to work through it with God. When God gives you a vision for your life, it is your vision. Guard it fiercley. Because it is your vision and not the vision of other people, they won’t all understand it and may try to stand in the way. They may even be convinced they are doing you a favor.

This is also why it’s so important to stay close to God every day. As Perry put it so well today, “There is a fine line between faith and stupidity.”

Make sure you’re close to God so you know the crazy vision he’s given you is, in fact, from him and not that burrito you ate last night.

No computers? Seriously?

March 24th has been declared Shutdown Day. The idea is to shut down everything you have that uses a computer and go 24 hours without it. Seriously? It might be possible, since it’s a Saturday, but still, nothing with a computer?

I’m looking around my desk right now. I’d have to do without the following (all of which I use every day): Treo cell phone, Powerbook, PowerMac, regular phone, fire department pager, Xbox 360, camera, and my TV. My beloved TV. That may be going too far.

I may actually give it a shot. It’ll be easier if the weather is nice. We can get out with the kids and have some non-technological fun.

If you can still call that fun.

Perry via Tony

The conference is going on right now. I really wish I could have made it. Not only is it affordable, it’s supposed to be really great.

Tony Morgan provides a great breakdown of Perry Noble’s sessions here and here.

Some of the highlights:

1. God does not give visions to committees. God never gave a vision to a committee in the Bible.

2. Some people will ask, “When are we going to go deeper.” You can go deeper right now. Open your Bible. There’s some deep stuff in there. Read it.

3. Sometimes you just need to let people leave your church. The space shuttle, as an example, has to lose some of its parts in order to make it into orbit.

4. “The worst thing that can happen to us is if we start to believe we’re good.”

5. “Church planting is not safe. It’s not easy. God always calls us to things that are unsafe. If you want to be safe, get out of ministry.”

6. “If your vision is to be like someone else, that’s not a vision. That’s an admonition.”

Good stuff. Maybe I’ll make it out there next year.

Send the bill to Gucci

This is a great story about a man who designed an ad (featuring himself) and sent it to a Swiss newspaper as a two-page full-color spread. A spread to be billed at $50,000 to Gucci. This is what advertising gets for being such a last-minute business. It makes it possible for things like this to take place.

Via AdFreak.

Spiritual impotence

Perry has a great post today about spiritual impotence. Yeah, I know it’s not what you would expect when it comes to a topic about church, but man he makes a great point.

From TD Jakes (via Perry) “Impotence is when you posses the equipment but you lack the passion to perform.”

I think we have so many tools for ministry today, but we sometimes sit back and tell God we want new ways to reach people. Reach them with what you have in your hand now. God layed out very clearly that if you are faithful with the small things, he will give you bigger things. If you’ve ever had the thought of “I just wish we had new people in church,” you need to look at the people you have. What are you doing for them? How are you ministering into their lives? God is not going to send new people your way if you can’t or won’t take care of the ones you have.

It all comes down to letting God guide your vision. If he is truly in control, then he will show you what to do and when to do it. Then it’s up to us to make use of the tools and talents he’s given us to make it happen. With passion.

Note: I’ll probably be linking to Perry most days. He’s got a lot to say and does it with passion.

Fox problems

Fox seems to be having problems with their satelite signal tonight. Because of that, I’ve missed half of 24. I hope it was a good one.

Let’s get it started

Yesterday, I was appointed to the position of associate pastor at New Beginnings. This blog is to keep everyone apprised of all the new things we’ll have going and my views on church in general. I’ll also feature links to the best stuff I can find around the internet. We’ve got a lot of work to do at church, and I’m looking forward to every bit of it.

My other blog for my business, Image Studios, can be found here. It’s got everything else besides church stuff. I’m guessing there will be enough of that to fill this blog up.

Disclaimer: This blog in no way reflects the views of New Beginnings or any of it’s staff or members. They are my opinions only and I am soley to blame for them.

Movin’ on up

Yesterday at church we had a special service where myself and my friend James Fesser were appointed as associate pastors. This is a big step for each of us and the church. We are the first associate pastors in the short history of the church and I think we each bring things to the table to help the church grow.

I’ll be in charge of all children, youth, and college ministries as well as all creative direction and advertising/marketing.

I’ll be starting a new blog very soon for all church-related material (I’m expected there to be a lot of it).


Below is the new Apple commercial for the iPhone. It is absolutely one of the best commercials they could have made. It ran during last night’s Oscars broadcast. Perfect ad for the audience they were showing it to.

"She thinks she’s a chip!"

Last night we were enjoying some of my wife’s great hamburgers off the grill. Our family dinners, as is usually the case, degenerate into the boys making goofy faces while we all eat.

Suddenly, our cat Jinxy got a wild hair and jumped on the cabinet and up into the chip cabinet.

“She thinks she’s a chip!” Conner screamed.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny at the time.