Not for hire

I saw a tow truck driving down the road today with the words “not for hire” printed on the side.

Not being in the towing business, I don’t really know what it’s like, but is it really so busy that you pay someone to put something on the side of the vehicle to turn business away?

How many of our businesses have that same thing painted on it?

No one?

Are you sure?

What happens when a customer walks in the door and your employees make it obvious they don’t want to be helping them? You might was well have a sign up that says “not for hire,” or worse yet, “we don’t want you.”


  1. says

    Once saw the same thing in East Texas. It was spray painted on the side of a tow truck in this shaky, white scrawl, which made it look like it was done impulsively.

    My wife and thought the same thing…what happened to make the tow truck driver get so stinkin’ angry?

  2. says

    Which now begs the question: Has anyone ever met a happy tow truck driver?

    I haven’t. Of course I don’t think I’d be happy with a job like that either. Almost no one is ever truly happy to see you. It’s like seeing a doctor. You only do it when there’s a problem.

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