I love what I do. Sometimes it involves hours on end of me working alone. However, on better days I get to collaborate with some incredibly creative people. We just got the latest issue of the Business Journal off to the printer for proofing. It’s been three 15-hour days in a row, but it’s been so much fun. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with like-minded creative people to produce something that is truly better than anything else in the local marketplace.

Look for the new issue next week. I think it’s the best one we’ve ever done.

Death of a friend

We’re in mourning in the Wright household. Yesterday, my Xbox 360 officially died. The three red rings of death visited our happy home.

A quick call to Microsoft support and it’s covered under warranty. Unfortunately it’ll be about three weeks before I get it back.

I’ve heard of the three red rings of death a lot, but always thought “that can’t happen to me.” Well, friend, I’m here to tell you it can happen to anyone. They should have some kind of public service announcements or something. “The more you know” style.

Oh yeah, and Flickr too

I forgot to mention I got my account all set up and going at Flickr.

I’m using it primarily for proofing photos for my clients, but I’ll also throw a bunch of personal work up there too.

So far I’m loving it. I really like the ease of use and the map so I can track everywhere I’ve shot photos at. I use a plug-in for Aperture that allows for very fast uploading. A Flickr Pro account is only $24.99 per year and well worth it for unlimited uploading and storage.

You can view my page here.


It’s been an absolutely crazy week. I’m taking Monday* off and have a huge deadline to meet Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll probably be unable to write anything until after that.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend.

*By taking Monday off I mean I’ll be working to get ready for the week but won’t have people calling me so it will be stress free work.

Kids will surprise you

I’m always surprised by the amount of information the kids at church pick up from the lessons I teach. I’ve skipped our normal curriculum for about a month now and decided to teach them some of the things I’m running through in the Bible just to see how they respond.

We went through the entire book of Ruth a few weeks ago. The week after, they were able to answer every question I had about the book. I was impressed because I didn’t expect that much. I wonder what they could accomplish if I expected more of them.

My entire goal with children’s church is for these kids to get the same revelations I have at a very early age. What if I’d figured out this whole tithing thing at the age of 14? What if I’d not waited until I was 19 to get serious about serving God? What if I’d not waited until I was 24 to get really serious about serving God?

What could these kids accomplish if they started living every day for Christ at this age?

The Sergio Leone Anthology


I came across the above artwork for The Sergio Leone Anthology and loved it.

I’ve had the 2-disc edition of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for a while and it’s worth every penny. If you’re a Clint Eastwood fan, you should pick up the anthology when it’s released if for no other reason than the great package design.

More than meets the eye

Ok, we’ve discussed many times what a big geek I am. I grew up loving Transformers. I am more pumped about the new movie coming out than anything else this summer, especially after watching the exclusive trailer here.

Watch that and tell me it isn’t cool. It’s even made by Michael Bay, who makes nothing but big dumb movies. You know what Transformers needs to be, though? A big dumb movie. I’ll be there opening day. Too bad it looks a little scary for Colton to go with me. Would have been nice to have a seven-year-old to hide behind when I buy the tickets.

Feelin’ the love

You know what? After an incredibly rough few weeks, hearing that someone like Tony would actually choose to read my goofy ramblings here just made my day.

If you’re not reading Tony’s blog, you probably should be. Like everyone else, I love reading the blogs of the big guys with the fast-growing “mega-churches.” Even more than that, though, I like reading guys with small, growing churches who are in the trenches of ministry fighting the good fight every day. Tony is one of those guys.

Brutal honesty

There really isn’t much I like more than brutal honesty from people in the ministry. I wish more people were brutally honest with me when I was getting into it. I would have been really nice to hear about things like burnout before I ran smack into it. Check out the video below by Ed Young. It’s kind of long, but worth every minute.


Church Marketing Sucks points us to this thread on

It’s the infamous “Thread 500” from back in 2001 when the first iPod was released. Turns out, almost none of the Mac fans that posted there liked the iPod when it came out. It was too expensive. It wasn’t innovative enough. It wasn’t what they wanted. And yet, Apple just sold it’s 100,000,000 iPods.

You’d think the rabid Apple fans would support the device. But no. Church seems a lot like this. It’s always Christians who are the most critical of new things in ministry. It’s never the people that are being reached. It’s always people who like things a certain way.

Just goes to show, you probably shouldn’t listen to people who offer nothing but criticism. If they had it all figured out, they’d be in the game, not sitting on the sidelines yelling.


If you have never watched 30Rock, you need to. We downloaded the first season from iTunes and it is great. Not only is the writing incredible, Alec Baldwin steals every scene he’s in.

Plus, there’s a Star Wars reference in just about every episode.

In the eternal words of Tracy Jordan, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.”