The endless circle

An average conversation with one of my sons.

Colton: “Dad, you remember in  that movie, Happy Feet?”

Me: “I didn’t see Happy Feet.”

Colton: “Oh. Dad, you remember in  that movie, Happy Feet?”

Me: “I didn’t see Happy Feet.”

Colton: “Oh. Dad, you remember in  that movie, Happy Feet?”

Me: “Yes, I do remember.”

Side note: Colton just walked in, saw the post I’m writing and said, “What’s Happy Feet?”  Does it ever end?

iPhone envy

I’m not going to lie, I’m suffering from iPhone envy right now.

I doesn’t make much since to get one today, though. AT&T doesn’t have coverage here in Stephenville. Just one more reason we’re moving to Austin.

Running on empty

Yeah, I ran out of gas. I really don’t have anything clever to say about it. Tony has already posted about it for me.

Ironically enough, I was leaving the body shop when I ran out of gas. What as I doing there? Getting an estimate to fix the damage Tony caused when he maliciously ran into our vehicle.

On a side note if you need a new car, contact Matt Todd. You won’t find many other car salesmen who will personally drive you to get gas when you run out.

And for the record, it’s Becca’s Tahoe and she ran the gas out just in time for me to take it to the body shop.




This is happening in front of my house right now. We have never had this much rain before. If it gets any higher, it’ll be in my front yard.

It’s really weird to have my office door open and hear rushing water. Figures, we have someone coming to look at the house in about ten minutes.

Backpack for blogging


There’s a definite art to blogging well. While I’m not sure I “blog well”, I do meet my goals when it comes to writing. One of the things I have to be, though, is organized. I’ll usually think of things I want to write about when I have no time to write. So I’ve created a “Blogging” page in my Backpack. I use it to make lists of things I want to blog about and upload images I want to use. If I come to a point where I haven’t written in a few days but don’t have anything, I often refer back to the page a pull something from it.

Some of my most popular posts have come from little observations I have. Most would be forgotten if I didn’t have a place store them until they were needed.

You can sign up for a free Backpack account here. I get nothing from them if you do, it’s just one of the tools I use to keep my life organized.

Fame is fleeting

I just got the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and it has “The EW 100. The Stars We Love Right Now.”

I’m going to save it until next year and see if the lists in any way match up. I’m betting cash that 75% of the list will be entirely different a year from now.

An offer you can’t refuse

At lunch today me and the boys had some italian at a local place called Joe’s Pizza and Pasta.

What was really amusing was that they played the Godfather soundtrack non-stop. It really added to the atmosphere.

The Longview weekend


We’re in Longview right now. I’m headed out to shoot the wedding for Tommy & Ellissa. Becca grew up with Ellisa so she’s in the wedding too. It’s been a crazy weekend trying to wrangle three boys while we’re on the road.

On the plus side, we’re staying at a very nice Homewood Suites.

Old Man’s War


I grabbed Old Man’s War at Hastings so I’d have something to read this weekend. Honestly, though, the odds of me getting to read anything between shooting pictures and wrangling boys is pretty slim. So I started it early. It’s rare I actually get to read a book, but sometimes I just force myself to and always enjoy it.

So far it’s a very interesting book.

The author John Scalzi runs his blog here. If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, his is a great one to read. He gives you an inside look at the industry, right down to how much money he makes.

The weekend

Our weekend starts on Friday this week. We are headed to Longview. I’m shooting the wedding of Becca’s best friend and she’s one of the bride’s maids. We’ll be there through Sunday and head back sometime after lunch. Pray for us. We’re taking all three boys. Should be fun though. Friday Becca and Ellisa are headed to the spa and I get some quality time with the boys around the hotel pool.