You know it’s bad when…

Cody is at that age where we’re trying to potty train him. Let’s just say the boy can fill a diaper to capacity (and beyond).

Today I was sitting in my office talking to Becca when Conner came running in.

“Mom, Cody needs a diaper change, he’s stinky!”

You know it’s really bad when his four-year-old brother can’t stand it.

Update: Becca is changing his diaper right now. It really smells like something crawled into his pants and died. He’s struggling to crawl away from her while simultaneously shooting at me with a toy gun. He can multi-task.


I attended a funeral today for my sister-in-law’s grandmother. I only met her once at Cody’s wedding. She was incredibly sweet and I know Amanda loved her so much.

Funerals have always made me uncomfortable. It’s not really the funeral itself so much as the fact that it gets me thinking about my own life and death. Would this many people show up to my funeral? Would people have great things to say about me? Does it matter?

Ironically, last night we re-watched The Royal Tenenbaums. Royal’s tombstone at the end had the following inscription:

Died tragically rescuing his family from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship.

I really want that on my tombstone.

16 MB

I found a 16 megabyte compact flash card in an old camera bag. I think it’s only about three years old.

It’s amazing the difference three years makes. In my new D200, a 16MB card will hold exactly zero shots.

I think the 16 megabyte card was like $50 back in the day. I just bought a new 4 gigabyte card for $100.

Technology marches on.

Houston, we have Bacon Salt


The Bacon Salt has landed. I’ve tried it on a few things and so far I’m impressed. Don’t worry though, I’ll file a full review after more thorough testing.

The things I do for you guys.


I layed the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich on the table in front of Conner. Next to it I added a small pile of chips.

“Dad, what kind of chips are these?” Conner asked.

“Cool Ranch Doritos,” I answered, “Do you like them?”

“Yeah, I like them,” he said, “Because they have sprinkles on them.”

True love

Sunday afternoons are usually a good time to hang out with the family. It’s the one day clients don’t call. Our time together usually degenerates into the four men wrestling and fighting while Becca looks on.

Before the wrestling today, Colton came up and put his arm around me. He gently leaned his head on mine.

“Why are you being so loving today?” I asked.

As only a seven-year-old can, he answered with complete honesty, “Because you have video games.”

I feel so used.

Still alive


Wow, almost an entire week without blogging. Today won’t be much different but I thought I’d check in and give you a peek at what I’ve been busy doing all week.

It’s definitely been an interesting week.