You know it’s bad when…

Cody is at that age where we’re trying to potty train him. Let’s just say the boy can fill a diaper to capacity (and beyond).

Today I was sitting in my office talking to Becca when Conner came running in.

“Mom, Cody needs a diaper change, he’s stinky!”

You know it’s really bad when his four-year-old brother can’t stand it.

Update: Becca is changing his diaper right now. It really smells like something crawled into his pants and died. He’s struggling to crawl away from her while simultaneously shooting at me with a toy gun. He can multi-task.


  1. says

    That’s it! Everyone with children do their absolute best to talk Cheri and me into having children while simultaneously talking me out of it by sharing their experiences. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I can even read your blog anymore. Gimme a clothes’ pin, it’s stinky in here.

  2. says

    Kids do provide rather smelly moments like this. But they also provide moments like I wrote about earlier this week. Times when they say something that makes your day. Or times when they give you a look that makes your heart hurt because you love them so much.

    There are a million reasons not to have kids. I know because I listed them all of before we started having kids. However, after that child is in your arms, none of that really matters, because you wouldn’t trade any of those things for them.

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