I’m completely fried after this week. I’ll think I’ll take the next three days off and relax.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Photo of the Day


More fire stuff for today’s photo. I really miss following these guys around. As soon as we get to Austin the first thing I’m doing is getting hooked up with a volunteer department so I can get back into this. It’s was a lot of fun and made for some of the best photography I’ve ever done.

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Out the door

The latest issue of The Business Journal is officially off to the printer. One last proofing session on Thursday and this one will be done. Below is a sneak-peek at the cover. I’m incredibly proud of how this one turned out considering we didn’t know what the cover art was going to be until we sat down to do it tonight.


“Bye Dad! I’ll see you later!”


This morning I took some time to hang out with Conner. He has to be at school at 11:30 for his first day of Pre-K.

We put a puzzle together and chased each other around the house with Nerf guns. He is so excited to be going to school.

The house is so quiet right now. No kids running around, yelling. I feel profoundly sad.

No, I’m not crying.

I’ve just got something in both my eyes.


“Bye Dad! I’ll see you later!” he said as he walked away.

Finish your website

I know a lot of businesses with unfinished websites. Today I visited the site of a very prominent accounting firm here in town. It actually looked halfway decent, which is honestly a surprise in Stephenville.

The problem? Besides looks, it had nothing else. It was populated with links you’d expect to find on a CPA’s website, but they didn’t go anywhere. None of them. Not even the “contact” link which would be easy to tie-in to an e-mail address. Other than a picture of the partners on the front page, there was literally nothing useful about the site. Not even a phone number. You would be better off to take down the site completely and put up one page that has your logo, contact information and a note that reads, “Welcome to our site. To better serve you, we prefer to help you face-to-face. Please contact us at the number below to set up an appointment so we can discuss your needs.”

It looks like someone had great intentions with the site. Unfortunately it looks like those intentions fizzled out somewhere around March of 2005. That’s the last date I see on the site.

And I can already hear their response: “We got very busy and didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. But we don’t advertise it so no one knows about it.”

Wrong. You know that fancy e-mail address you give out 50 times a day. The last part of that address, you know everything after the @? That’s your web address. And many people are savvy enough to know that and to see what you have out there for the world to see. That’s how I found it.

So please, finish your website.

Restless Sunday night

Between this stupid house thing dragging on and the boys starting school tomorrow I’m feeling really friggin’ depressed.

Conner’s first day of preschool is tomorrow. I’m seriously hoping they call and say “please come pick him up, he can’t live without his daddy.”

And I’m pretty dang close to losing it over this house. We’ve done everything we can and to be honest, God has to be tired of hearing the same prayers over and over again. I’m getting fed up and I really don’t know what to do from here.

This is one of those moments (and I know I’m not supposed to talk about this, being a pastor and all) where you know exactly what the Bible has to say about this situation but it doesn’t help. It says to keep pressing into God and to keep praying.  This is one of those times where instead of Superman-strength faith most people think pastors have, I face a wall of doubt and fear. What if I’ve chased after something God never wanted for me? What if I’ve led my family down a path he never intended? Those are the thoughts that plague me even though I know they aren’t true. Once again, I know it’s most likely the Devil just trying to distract and discourage me. And once again, just knowing that doesn’t seem to help.

And it’s hard to admit all this. I have to be the strong one. I have to lead my family. In fact, Becca will probably be reading these words shortly and worrying even more. I never open up and talk about my feelings to anyone. I’ll probably be in trouble for being willing to type it to the world but not actually talk about it.

I’m tired.

I need a vacation.

YouVersion update #1

One of the features I really love in YouVersion is the ability to mark (or “star”) verses and add tags. Let’s say I just found a verse in James that really meant something to me. I simply click on that verse and click the star. Now it’s marked in case I ever want to go back to it.

This is made even easier by the use of tags. Let’s say the verse I just starred contained the keywords “faith” and “works.” I can add those as tags and then when I do a tag search for either word, it will pull up. (That is in theory. I haven’t yet figured out how to view all my tags. However, it seems like this will be a great way of referencing things I’ve read before). Now every time I look through the book of James, the verse I starred will have an attention-grabbing yellow star next to it.

The process of starring and tagging verses is made very easy. When you click on a verse(s), it hightlights it (them) and a small dialogue box opens at the bottom of the view window. From there you click either star of tag. Very easy.

Join in the YouVersion conversation here.

Note: I’m testing the Alpha build of YouVersion which means there is still a lot of functionality missing. My thoughts on it are based on what is currently working and the way they are describing future features. If you get ahold of it and don’t like it as much as I do, I don’t want to hear it.