For the money?

I’ve been designing ads for newspapers since I was fourteen years old. Being in the creative business is all I’ve ever done. There’s something about the publishing business that is hard to explain. It’s high stress and always deadline driven. Until I started my own business it has never paid very well either. And yet I always come back to it. I have run away from publishing several times. At the time I was glad to be away from all the stress of it.

“Just when I thought I was out, the pulled me back in.”

I’ve always ended up back in the publishing world. It’s never had anything to do with money. It’s always been some deep-seeded love I have for it. Even during the hard times.

Perry Noble has a post today that reminded me of this. It’s “Seven Questions a Staff Member Must Ask About Themselves.”

Question number two is “Is this my passion or my paycheck?”

I’ve heard from pastors (and about them) “I would leave the ministry but what else would I do?” This has never really sat well with me. Ministry is a calling from God. In fact it’s a calling that, if accepted, causes you to be held to a higher standard by God. Is that really something you want to do “just because you don’t have another way to support the family.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone in ministry has bad days. During times in the past I’ve really wanted to run away from what God’s called me to. In the end I came back. Kept working. Kept pushing through. A calling from God is something you would do whether you get paid or not (even though the Bible clearly states in Timothy people in leadership deserve pay).

I’ve wanted to leave ministry, but like publishing I always get sucked back into it. It’s because there’s something inside me that has to do it. I couldn’t resist very long even if I tried.

So ask yourself today. If you are a pastor, which is honestly one of the hardest things you can ever do, are you doing it because you feel God’s call on your life or is it because you can’t think of another way to support your family? If you’re in it for the money, ask yourself honestly how much good are you doing the people you lead?


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