Done and done

After a loooooong day of looking at houses, I think  we’ve found the one for us. Contracts have been signed, and if everything goes well we’ll be closed and moving in on Friday, October 19th.

Pictures coming soon.

“We’ll be fine.”

Becca was talking with our realtor today, planning our house-shopping weekend.

“So since we have to spend two whole days together, are you guys fun to hang out with?” the realtor asked.

“Chad hates house hunting, so as long as we don’t to any of that, we’ll be fine,” she answered.

And with the end of a very long week, we are off to go … house hunting. Hopefully we’ll be back Monday, freshly signed contract in hand.

October Journal

October 2007 Cover

The latest issue of The Business Journal is headed off to the printer today. Here’s a look at the cover (the colors are a little off going from a print-ready file to the web, but you get the idea).

Also my article I wrote on blogging for business will be in it. I’ll publish the full article here in a month or so.


Even though the bottle says it is, does it count as a childproof cap if I can open it with one hand and no effort?

Didn’t think so.

Quick Notes

• Way to much going in the next three days to do much writing.
• Four huge production jobs on top of normally scheduled projects is a lot for one month.
• I’m tired.
• The reviews were right. Halo 3 multiplayer is amazing and the campaign is good but still a little disappointing.
• My boys are great, but when I’m tired, they can be highly annoying.
• Not only did Becca get me the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, she went and picked it up for me at midnight. I have the best wife ever.

Happy Halo day

I’m incredibly busy this week so I won’t have a ton of time to play Halo 3. If you see me online, though, send an invite an we’ll play. Just search for my XBL id: Chad Wright

Halo 3 reviews

The embargo was lifted on Sunday so reviews for Halo 3 have been pouring out. You can see a breakdown of them here at Metacritic, where it has an overall score of 96 out of 100.

They all seem to say the exact same thing. The campaign mode is wonderful, but also a little on the short side. Co-op, however, adds massive replay value to it. Online multiplayer is just about as perfect as you can get and will be played for years to come. Overall just a really great game.

And finally, here you can view the final promotional short for Halo 3.

Expert reviews

I’ve been enjoying James Blunt’s new album, All the Lost Souls, this weekend and thought “I’ll write a review about it.” Heck, I write reviews about just about everything else, why not?

Then it occurred to me. I know nothing about music. When I hear a piece of music, I know if I like it or not. That’s it. When I’m reviewing something, like say a game or movie, I know so much about the subject it’s easy to draw on that expertise to write. Music? I got nothing.

So here’s my review. I like it. Really good from beginning to end.

Insightful, no?

You suck. Fine, just don’t lie about it.

Businesses tend to use marketing for things it’s not designed for. They will use it to try and cover up problems when it fact it just exposes problems.

Let’s say you have the highest prices in town. If you place an ad that says “lowest prices in town” it doesn’t change the fact that your prices are high. In fact, all it will do is bring people in to discover that you have high prices and also discover that you lie in your advertising.

Before you advertise, please take an honest look at your business. If your employees aren’t very good at customer service, don’t advertise your great service. You can throw all the money you want into marketing, but keep in mind it doesn’t matter what you throw out there as a message if parts of your business are fundamentally flawed. Word of mouth travels faster than your ads. If something is wrong people will know about it and no marketing budget in the world will overcome that in the long run.

I guess honesty really is the best policy.