Are you sure?

We always say we want to hear from God. That sounds good, right? But, are you sure you want to hear from God?

Steven Furtick has a good post about when God calls you and you really don’t want to answer. It’s not always easy following God’s call. If it was easy, everyone would do it.


This verse speaks of God’s grace towards us. I started thinking about things that I should show more grace about. At the end of the day so many things happen that really don’t matter, but we still freak out about them.

How many times have my kids done something easily fixable that really didn’t deserve much in the way of punishment? Instead of letting it slide, I sometimes treat it like something major.

This led me once again to thinking about times I freak out versus times I show grace to others. Usually the freak-out times come when I’m tired. I think God is really trying to speak to me lately about being tired and what it does to me spiritually. I don’t think he’s saying that I won’t ever be worn out. No, he’s showing  me how vital it is to stay close to him, especially when I’m low on energy. It’s in these times that temptation comes and we tend to also be more short tempered.

As we enter this new phase of life, I find myself with a lot of anxiety about it. We are doing what God has called us to, but for some reason I can’t just trust him to take care of it. Business is good right now, which means I am very busy. Add to that getting used to working over a long distance, gearing up for our work at Legacy and being a good husband/father, it’s a lot to take on.

I just pray that I’m a little more graceful than usual through this time.

Wii quest complete

I happened to be in Target and found a shiny new Nintendo Wii sitting on the shelf. I’ve been searching for one for about a month. The boys have been wanting one so I thought I’d get one now instead of waiting until right before Christmas when everyone will be fighting over them.

So my Christmas shopping is done. How’s yours going?

Pastor Appreciation Month

Did you know October is Pastor Appreciation Month? I didn’t until yesterday when Tony called the staff on stage and presented us with some gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants.

We’ve been involved with Legacy for a couple of month’s now, but we’ve really only been here for about two weeks. We’re still discovering the in’s and out’s. I’m really enjoying working with a new staff.

I’m especially enjoying learning from Tony and Kandy. They have tremendous hearts for this church and for us as a staff. They’ve made us feel welcome and shown us hospitality we haven’t really earned. I appreciate that they are willing to invest time in us to help us grow as leaders. I appreciate that they have dedicated their lives to this calling. Most of all, I appreciate them putting up with us.

So what should I get Tony? I’m thinking something with an Apple logo on it.


Thursday night we had our first visit to an IKEA store. Becca needed a new desk, so we thought we’d give it a try. We arrived five minutes before closing (who closes at nine these days?). We quickly found the desk she liked and asked for it.

“Here is the print out, sir, just head to the warehouse and pick out these parts,” the employee told me.

“So we pay the money and then we go to the warehouse and pick the parts out ourselves?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“So basically we’re paying to be your warehouse workers?” I asked.

“No, it’s so…”

“Nevermind,” I interrupted, “You guys are about to close, we better go.”

So we made our way to the warehouse and found the bins that contained the pieces of our new desk.

“This frame looks too small,” Becca said.

“I know, but it’s what the sheet says we need. We’ll ask at the front.” I answered.

We lugged the pieces to the front and paid the cashier. We took our claim ticket to the other side of the store to get the glass top. Apparently they didn’t want us carrying something that fragile before we paid. Upon arriving, we asked them to confirm that we had the right frame for that desk. They answered that we did so we gathered up the various parts and left.

Arriving home, Becca began to assemble her new desk only to find out, you guessed it, it was the wrong frame. So now on top of the desk (which really didn’t seem that cheap), we get to add another trip to Round Rock to pick up the proper frame.

Can someone please explain to me what the appeal of IKEA is? Why can’t all the pieces come in one box so I don’t have to make two trips? Why do I have to work in the warehouse when I want to buy something? Shouldn’t I at least get minimum wage?

Happy birthday, Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I’m not good a math, but I think she’s like 32.

I hope you have a great birthday. (Assuming you read this on Thursday, if not, have a great day after birthday.)

The new guy

Please continue to pray for Colton while he’s at school. I think he is doing ok, but no one likes being the new guy.

I’m 27-year-old and for the first time in a while I get to be the new guy too. I don’t like it any better now than I did in school. Granted I’m a little better equipped to handle it than I was back then from a social aspect, but that doesn’t really make it much easier.

I was just sitting here thinking about him and thought I’d ask for everyone’s prayers. I had a tough time when we moved between my sixth and seventh grade years. I don’t want him to go through the same thing.

The long road home

Yesterday was my first day traveling back to Stephenville for business. I have to do it again tomorrow. Driving there wasn’t so bad. Driving home, however, seemed like it took forever. I was tired and really just wanted to be back with my family.

But as I was driving along and considering complaining, it occurred to me to just shut-up and praise God for allowing me to keep my Stephenville clients. It’s the only thing that made this move to Austin possible.

Sometimes when I’m tired, it’s very easy to lose perspective on how much God has blessed my life.

The verge

I feel like we may be on the verge of something big at Legacy.

You can always tell you are about to have something big because Satan likes to use small things to try and derail it. It’s just his style.

Small things happen. Sometimes it’s emotionally draining to deal with them, but you have to while also staying focused on the big vision.

Capital campaign done right

I flat out love the way Elevation Church kicked off their capital campaign. Amazing.

What an amazing way to not only teach the members about generosity, but also to bless the community in a huge way.

UPDATE: As I read more an more on the site, I was amazed at the number of people who not only gave way the money they received, but added to it. The $40,000 Elevation gave away that day probably more than doubled by the time it made it into the community.