Pastor Appreciation Month

Did you know October is Pastor Appreciation Month? I didn’t until yesterday when Tony called the staff on stage and presented us with some gift cards to some of our favorite restaurants.

We’ve been involved with Legacy for a couple of month’s now, but we’ve really only been here for about two weeks. We’re still discovering the in’s and out’s. I’m really enjoying working with a new staff.

I’m especially enjoying learning from Tony and Kandy. They have tremendous hearts for this church and for us as a staff. They’ve made us feel welcome and shown us hospitality we haven’t really earned. I appreciate that they are willing to invest time in us to help us grow as leaders. I appreciate that they have dedicated their lives to this calling. Most of all, I appreciate them putting up with us.

So what should I get Tony? I’m thinking something with an Apple logo on it.


  1. Tony the tuna says

    First. Don’t get me anything. Second. Don’t get me anything with an apple on it. Third. Don’t get me anything.

  2. says

    Shhh! don’t tell Tony, but give him a Cake and a Prayer gift package. Their website is awesome. I gave one to a relative and she’s still ranting about it.

    Their website is They have this absolutely positively delicious lemon pound cake, which is more than enough by itself; but along with it Tony receives a personal message card and a scripture or an inspirational message. The cake is mouth-watering, but it’s the personalized scripture in the frame that my sister-in-law talks about.

    Check it out, obviously I highly recommend it.

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