Thanksgiving wrap-up

While watching The Incredibles, I realized Mr. Incredible is based on my dad.

My brother bought Becca the best birthday present ever. Turns out it was really for me. I’ll post pictures when I have time.

There is no better place on this Earth than my parents’ house. I was toeing the line of burning out after some very long hours and high stress the past few weeks. I feel totally refreshed after being there less than 48 hours.

My mom makes what I call “ham roll-ups.” Basically it’s a thin slice of ham with cream cheese spread across it and a green onion in the middle. Rolled up, it vaguely resembles a Fruit Roll-up. It’s probably my favorite thing to eat and there were none left over.

I don’t try new things. This Thanksgiving, I tried everything that was cooked. Wasn’t head-over-heels about most of it, but I tried, right? I’m attempting to broaden my horizons. But no, Dave, I still won’t be trying Indian food.

I still don’t understand why people go out on Black Friday to shop.

I am hooked on books about World War II. In the past few weeks, I’ve gone through the audio versions of Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldiers, D-Day, Beyond Band of Brothers and The War.

Because of my new addiction to these audiobooks, iTunes gift cards are a great idea for Christmas this year.


  1. Nancy says

    Happy Thanksgiving, Chad and family. I had a good time tonight catching up on your blog. It’s fun to hear what God is doing in your life. I think about those 4 little cousins who spent time growing up together, and I’m so proud of each of you. All four of you serving God in your own way, establishing families that will serve Him in the future. What could be more thrilling? Nancy

  2. says


    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thanks for reading. If I look back to the beginning of this year I never would have envisioned myself where I am now. Trina and I were laughing about when we planned to take a trip to Hawaii with just the four cousins and leave all of our spouses/kids at home. That was pretty funny all those years ago, because everyone told us once we were married that wouldn’t fly. Turns out you were right. Who knew?

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