Thinking globally

Occasionally I need a change of venue, so I go sit at local coffee shops and work. In doing this I spend a lot of time watching people and, honestly, eavesdropping.

Today I was watching…er…eavesdropping on a group of older men. I listened as they proceeded to solve the problems of the world. Everything from energy issues to terrorism.

As I was trying to look like I was not listening, I began to wonder at what age people stop focusing inward and look beyond themselves. At what age to people begin to think globally? Most people my age are concerned with new houses or how big their TVs are (I should know, I have a new house and a huge TV so I’m including myself in the conceited category).

What if we started thinking outside ourselves at a younger age? What if we took the money we were putting into a TV payment and gave it away each month?

What would the world look like then?

This post pairs well with “Can’t afford not to” and a grande-sized cup of guilt flavored coffee.


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