Heart attack moments

Inspired by a conversation yesterday I’ll leave you with a question while I’m gone.

When was the last time something happened that you’d qualify as one of those “heart attack” moments?

Mine was two weeks ago. On a shoot I changed out a lens. I grabbed my backpack with all my camera equipment and hefted it onto my shoulder. Turns out I forgot to zip it up. Many thousands of dollars worth of camera lenses and bodies came tumbling out to the tile floor below. I’m 6’2″ so it was a long fall.

I stood there for a moment, working up the bravery to check on it all. Luckily everything was ok, but for a minute I was not a happy camper.

So what was your last heart attack moment?

One of those moments

You ever have one of those moments where you have to live out what you believe and it sucks?

First go read this short post.

The basic gist of the post above is when someone expresses unhappiness with your service, the only real thing to do is say “you’re right” and set about fixing the problem.

The reality is, it’s a process to get to that point. Yesterday I read that post and agreed with every word of it. I thought of all the times I’d complained to businesses only to have them argue that I was wrong and they were right. Is the customer really right anymore?

So, having agreed with Godin, I proceeded with my day. Then I get an e-mail late last night from a client. One of the parts of the e-mail expressed concern that I hadn’t met the deadlines I had set in the past few weeks.

So what’s the first thought when you get an e-mail like that? Is it “you’re right?” No. The first thing that went through my head was all the things that happened throughout those weeks. All the things that took precedent over them. All the things that they didn’t even know about.

And then I remembered, “you’re right.” And they were. After working through all the reasons they were wrong and I was right, I realized it was the other way around. I should have hit those deadlines and didn’t. There are no excuses.

So I started the e-mail back to them, “you’re right,” and proceeded to apologize and make sure they were happy. And I feel good about it. Far better than if I’d sent an e-mail with all the reasons I was late.

And I really appreciated the e-mail too. I’d prefer to know if someone wasn’t 100% satisfied with my service than just assuming they were.

So is your first inclination to write a “you’re right” e-mail when someone honestly calls you on something?

Red alert!

Ok, we’re officially in red alert mode in the Wright household.

I’ve got about two weeks worth of work that has to be done this week. That’s not unusual, but yesterday Becca’s right eye decided to stage a full-blown rebellion. So today she is about as functional as a newly-blind person.

I’m not sure this week could get any more nuts. The work. The half blindness. The red alert sirens blaring throughout the house.

Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

A handful of shiny rocks to anyone who comments with the name of the film those last two sentences came from.

Please pray for us.

Happy divorce day

So today sucked.

I was generally minding my own business and letting the universe spin as it normally does.

Then I got word that an old friend of mine has pretty much done everything he can to screw his life up. Specifically he and his wife are about to be divorced. This is a guy who I’ve counseled a few times and prayed for constantly. I’ve prayed that God would change hearts in their marriage and renew it. That didn’t happen and now, short of a miracle, four lives are being turned completely on end.

This really bothered me all day. It’s still bothering me. Then I queued up one of the sermons I’ve been behind on. What do they preach on? The complete depravity of man and the fact that as a general rule we’re idiots when it comes to marriage.

Thanks. That’s what I needed.

Then I call a client. The receptionist proceeds to tell me about her divorce ruining her day. I didn’t mind and I hope she felt better after venting, but man, it just wasn’t what I wanted to hear today.

I’ve got some more thoughts on things like this, but I’m too irritated right now to work it all out.

So I’ll leave the conversation to you.

What are you doing to divorce-proof your marriage?

Quote of the Day

“How very Olan Mills of you.” — One of our brides while I was trying to tell her how to pose at her bridal shoot. The pose was a little more traditional and she was right, it didn’t work at all. I can’t do traditional very well.

Thanks for the back scratch Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam looks you in the eye with that happy grandpa smile of his. “I couldn’t do this without you son,” he says, “This’ll get us through another year.”

He claps you on the back and makes you feel like you are the most important person in America, his smile never wavering.

You turn to leave, wondering why being this important feels so hollow. It takes a moment to realize that while patting you on the back he also plunged a knife deep between your shoulder blades.

Another year. Another April 15th.

It’s not so much what I had to pay this year that bothers me as much as how much trouble it is to figure it all out. At the risk of getting into a political discussion, do you think we’ll ever see any meaningful reform to the tax system to make it easier to figure out?

Hello wall, mind if I run into you?

You ever see times coming up when you are just going to be slammed beyond your ability to cope?

Starting this Wednesday I have five straight days of shooting, then an intense deadline on The Business Journal the next week. And in between I have about a million hours of work for all my other clients.

The next day I have scheduled were I might get some rest is April 28th.

It’s going to be 14 days of solid work and zero play. I see the wall ahead, I just hope I don’t hit it too hard. Please pray for me.