Mrs. Grimlock

This morning, the kids decided they wanted to play. They also decided I was to be Grimlock, the Transformer pictured above. So basically I would stoop down, pretend I had short arms and was a 50-foot-tall robot dinosaur.

Your typical Saturday morning with three sons.

I was stomping through the house, growling and occasionally picking a boy up over my head and tossing them onto the couch.

“Me Grimlock! Me destroy!” I said as I stomped down the hall. Suddenly, I felt a hard slap on the butt.

I turned around, arms held like a dinosaur and a surprised look on my face.

Becca just smiled at me. “A little something from Mrs. Grimlock,” she winked.

Her new code name is officially Mrs. Grimlock.

Crazy pills, now available at the Wright house

I’m pretty sure everyone at my house is taking crazy pills.

First thing this morning I woke up and strolled in to the office. On my way in I noticed Colton in the game room playing Halo.

“Colton, are you allowed to play video games before school in the mornings?”

“No, but Mom said I don’t have to go to school for the rest of the year because my glasses won’t be in.”

“What?! I promise she didn’t say that. Get ready for school.”

Later I was sitting there working and Becca walks in. She opened my blinds and looked out on the front yard. On viewing the neighbors yard as well, she said, “Bwahahahaha. My yard is now greener than yours.”

It sounded like Darth Vader mixed with Dr. Evil. Kinda scary.

So anyway, if you need crazy pills they’re clearly on offer here.

Links 5-30-08

Interesting things I’ve found lately:
My new favorite site. I have this odd obsession with seeing pictures of people’s workspaces. It’s even better with all the Apple products and cool desks around. When I get my office cleaned (finally) I’ll put mine on there too.

Los asks, Cute or Disturbing?
I say very cute with just a pinch of disturbing.

The trailer for Zack Arias’ new OneLight DVD.
This cannot get in my hands fast enough.

Impressions from two films shot on the new Red One camera.
My dream is to shoot a short film with this camera one day. It it looks very possible with the price point of this thing.

And finally, the top nine lamest James Bond villains.
How did Francisco Scaramanga from The Man With the Golden Gun not make the list? I mean yeah, he was a good shot, but he had a third nipple. How were were supposed to take him seriously?

My new Twitter policy

While Twitter has helped me connect with a bunch of great people, it’s also added a little clutter to my life. Once I started following north of 50 people it became too much to keep up with. So I’m only following 50 from here on out (well, 52, I can’t stop following Darth Vader or Cobra Commander for fear of what might happen).

I’m not sure how I’m going to whittle the list down, but if you get the boot just know it’s really not you, it’s me. This is part of simplifying every piece of my life.

And in the future if I want to add someone I’ve got to cut someone else.

What’s your Twitter policy?

A relaxing weekend

I very badly needed a relaxing weekend and this turned out to be a good one. A lot of relaxation. Cooked out on the new smoker. Bought a ton of stuff to fix up the back yard. Had my parents over.

A few pictures of the boys to remember the weekend.

Cody portrait
Colton portrait
Conner in the water

Attack of the Killer To-Do List

Last Friday I had a bit of a problem dealing with my to-do list. It was all chronicled on Twitter. I thought I’d post it here for your amusement.

9:48AM My to-do list today is staring at me. It looks hungry.

10:43AM My to-do list just slapped me in the face. I don’t think it respects me.

11:05AM Becca just surprised me with Whataburger. I need it today. Take that to-do list. Someone loves me.

12:07AM Ok, my to-do list just ate the last of my fries! Come on!

12:57AM After that last tweet my to-do list laughed at me and then said something disparaging about my mom. I think I’m losing control of the day.

1:06PM @mxbx It’s funny unless you’re here getting kicked around by a to-do list you created.

1:41PM My to-do list just told a joke. It was at my expense but I have to say it was pretty funny. It really hates me today.

2:43PM @mxbx My to-do list was too busy strangling me to notice the rocks that bounced harmlessly off it. Could you all the National Guard for me?

2:45PM @mxbx I should have been “call the National Guard.” The to-do list was biting my fingers while I was typing.

2:49PM @mxbx I think it’s the nuclear-waste dump under my house causing it. I try not to give things that hate me special powers. Happens anyway.

3:17PM The mutant to-do list is threatening to eat the cat in my office. I’m thinking of letting him.

3:55PM The to-do list tried to eat the cat, choked and threw up on my shoe. I need a new shoe. And a new cat. And a less violent to-do list.

5:36PM I told my to-do it was 5 and I was going to take a break. It hit me with a stick and told me to get back to work. This is embarrassing.

7:08PM @chrisfromcanada My to-do list says I’ll never be going out of a Friday night again so I don’t get an opinion. It’s been mean to me all day.

9:20PM @chrisfromcanada The to-do list said to tell you he’s never leaving. Also his dad can beat up your dad. He’s really on a roll.

9:39PM @chrisfromcanada Anger issues? I look at the to-do list and I get punched in the nose and told to get back to work. No anger issues that I can see.

12:56AM My to-do list is snoring in the corner. I’m going to go get a few hours sleep before it wakes me to work more. is live…again

And we’re back. We’ve added a new layer of security to

It’s a good news, bad news kind of thing. The good news is we’ve added security that should prevent any abuse of the site. The bad news is we now have to moderate every post that comes in. It will create a slight delay between when you post and when it shows up on the site. That’s not how we wanted it, but that’s how it has to be. Turns out there are idiots on the internet. Who knew?

We appreciate everyone who has helped promote the site and hope you will help us continue to spread the word. is down for now is live again. New security in place. Enjoy. is temporarily down while we figure out how to improve the security of the site.

I personally apologize if anyone was offended by the defacement of the site over night.

Pray for whoever did it. Pray that Jesus would change lives.

My life versus her’s

Meet Annette. I discovered her through Anne’s blog when she went to Uganda. According to Anne, Annette only makes a profit of $1 a day from her business as a cook.

I’m currently teaching the Legacy Kids about money. The biggest part of the lessons is looking beyond themselves and helping those in need. As an exercise to illustrate it for them I decided to compare my life to Annette’s. I took my hourly rate and compared it with her daily wages to show how long it would take her to pay for things I have versus how long it takes me.

It really is eye opening.

A cup of Starbucks coffee
Me: About 3 minutes
Her: 4 days

Becca’s monthly Tahoe payment
Me: About 6 hours
Her: 14 months

My office TV
Me: 6 and a 1/2 hours
Her: 16 months

The computer I’m writing this on
Me: 3 and a 1/2 days
Her: 6 years

My camera and one lens
Me: 6 days
Her: 10 years

The cost of sponsoring one child each month
Me: 26 minutes
Her: 32 days

This was incredibly odd for me to look at. It also shocked my class as I showed them the difference in how we live versus how others around the world live. So this Sunday our class is picking a child to sponsor through Compassion International. The cost is $32 per month and I’m putting it on the kids to cover as much of that as they can. I want to keep them focused on helping someone else for once.

You can read about Anne’s trip to Uganda here. There is story after story about how that money really does change someone’s life for the better. Or we can go to Chili’s and have lunch. Whatever works.

You can learn more about sponsoring a child here.