Making time great

My time these days is incredibly limited. Because of this I’m having to work extra hard to make time with the boys special.

Last night I put all the kids to bed about 9:30. After 15 minutes I woke Colton up and told him to put his swimsuit on. We went swimming at 10PM then headed to Sonic for some late-night tater tots with cheese. Mmmmm…..

Sorry, I was distracted by the thought of cheesy tots.

Those two hours Colton and I spent together are something he’ll probably remember his whole life. I can’t say that for most things I do with my kids. Looking at my schedule I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to be absolutely covered up. Starting Tuesday this week will be like that so I’m trying to spend a little special time with each of my boys.

As soon as I’m through writing this, Conner and I are headed to Pizza Hut for a little buffet action then to Wal-Mart for some new toys.

I’m making changes to better balance my life so I can do things like this. I don’t want to look around and realize my kids have grown up and I missed it.

What do you do for special time with your kids?


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    I have “ladies day” once a month with my 4 year old daughter. AnaKat and I spend a Saturday having our nails done and eating out (her choice).

    For my son, I take him to see a counselor every other week. The counselor lives in Buda and I live Northwest Austin. So we make most of the day out of it. We go out to eat and we talk a lot on the way there and the way back. Just the two of us. Boone is 6 1/2 yrs old.

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    i love that idea…waking the kids up after you’ve put them in bed to do something crazy!
    i can totally relate right now. that whole quality time vs. quantity time…yea.
    since i’ve been working 60-70 hours a week for the past 3 months, we’ve made sure our time together is TOGETHER. and since we’re still getting out of debt, we don’t have the $ to do any extra-curricular activities.
    but i find my kids, being pretty young still, don’t necessarily want something hugely exciting or frilly. they just want me to engage, so i try my hardest not to turn them down.
    just this past sunday, we watched a movie at home, and they all just piled on my lap. glorious

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