Quote of the Day

From my awesome sister-in-law (who’s funnier than my brother thinks):

While checking out at a Blockbuster, she asked the clerk, “Do you think Texas Chainsaw Massacre is as popular outside Texas?”

Brittany & Clinton wedding day

I’m running behind on these but here’s a preview of Brittany and Clinton’s wedding. They were married at Texas Old Town in Kyle. I may have to post a second preview at some point with more of my favorites because there were a lot. These two never stopped smiling and danced all night long. They were really great to work with though the entire process.

Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day
Brittany & Clinton Wedding Day

Quick Notes 7-30-08

  • I woke up this morning to zero e-mails. Usually I have at least 15 from overnight. I just assumed the world ended and I missed the whole party.
  • The next three days will be consumed with a magazine deadline (in which I will hate everyone involved only to remember how much I love them when the final pages ship out) and finishing a big branding pitch for Friday.
  • The branding pitch involves lots of research into 50s and 60s era advertising. I love it. I’ll probably post some examples later. Ahh the days of long copy. I think I would have been creatively happier in the 60s.
  • Three weddings in August. All three are out-of-town. I like traveling but this may be too much.
  • So many marketing ideas for both sides of the studio, I’m just too busy doing client work to worry about my own stuff.
  • We’re already starting prep for the bridal show in September. Praying it will be huge.
  • I’m behind, as usual, for this time of month.
  • I seem to be spending more time than usual thinking about the future of the business.
  • Things seem to be coming together at church. We are still having the usual small church struggles, but things are moving.
  • Attendance is down slightly this summer, but we seem to be getting a lot of visitors really interested in staying and serving.

    The future of advertising

    Today I saw the future of advertising and quite frankly, it’s scary.

    I was sitting here thinking of something I wanted to buy and in less than 60 seconds an e-mail showed up in my inbox touting a sale on that exact item.

    How scary is that? Is there some new mind-reading advertising technology I’m not aware of?

    My career Two-Face

    For a while now I’ve been on one career path, that of the all-encompassing creative. I design. I do marketing consulting. I write. And in the last year I’ve become very serious about photography.

    Since adding that to my creative tool kit, my career has split between what is photography and everything else that is not. The problem is it’s basically like running two full-time businesses. Not good for the mind, body, soul or anything really (except maybe the bank account).

    As I look at the future I’ve pondered going strictly photography. This would have a ton of advantages. But as I get closer to something like that, I find I also want to continue doing all the other things I love. I’ve been designing and working in the ad world for almost 15 years now. That’s a long time and a lot of love to just walk away.

    So I find myself with several paths I could take. None are completely perfect. I’m really not sure where to go from here.


    We don’t use any pre-made curriculum for the kid’s ministry. I prefer to instead keep a finger on the pulse of the kids and see what they need spiritually. The last two weeks we’ve been talking about how God changes hearts. Last week we got into how having more of God changes us even more.

    I posed the question, “do you honestly want more of God?” After a lot of work I’ve finally brought these kids to the point where they can be honest with me and not give the “church” answer. After a few confused looks they more or less agreed they didn’t want more of God because they didn’t really know what that meant.

    So that’s what we’re diving into next. What does it mean to have “more of God?” What can you do to have more? How does that change lives and hearts? How do you get the desire for more of God and keep it going?

    Ironically these are things I struggle with all the time and I think I’m not alone. I look at teenagers and see kids that need more of God but just don’t understand how it can alter their lives. I look at adults who need more of God but make no room for him in their life.

    I was going to kick this off next week, but I think I’ll put if off for a couple of weeks to really dive into this question. There are so many angles to take I really want to get to the meat of it and teach what will help these kids the most.

    So help me. What does it mean to have more of God? What do you do to have more of God? How does that effect your life? When I ask that question, what parts of the Bible does it bring to mind?

    I’ve got a few ideas on where I ‘m going with it, but I’d like this to be a group experiment.

    The hidden gem of accountability

    As the staff of Legacy, we’re required to fill our weekly accountability reports. They are a mix of questions about our week, our relationships and things along that line. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it gets tedious.

    But, even in the tedium I still love them. They provide an opportunity to look back on my week and see all the great things right beside all the mistakes.

    And often times, God is able to show me things I didn’t notice at the time because I was still in the middle of it all.

    UPDATE: See the comments below for the list of questions I answer every week.
    If you don’t already, find someone to be accountable to. There’s a lot of value in it.


    Just a warning to those of you thinking of having kids, once you get to the three kids point, a date will be a minimum of $100.

    $50 of that is just for the baby sitter.

    The rest is just a meal and a movie.

    It’s just depressing. So if we want date night once a week, that’s a budget of $400 a month. We’re about to start trading baby sitting with other couples because that’s just ridiculous.

    So do you have date night once a week? What are some cheap alternatives?


    I’ll write a full review tomorrow, but for now, just know I’m amazed at The Dark Knight. In the history of movies, none has been more appropriately named than this one.

    This is not a summer popcorn movie. This is not a movie about watching Batman beat up the bad guys. This is an exploration of good versus evil. A look at terror and what it does to us as a society. It’s a deep look at purpose and that thin line between what’s right and what’s decidedly not.

    I was shocked at how far this movie goes. This is not a happy-go-lucky summer film where everything wraps up at the end. This is a film that will kick you in the teeth for two-and-a-half hours then spit on you as it walks away.

    This is the only movie I’ve been to in recent years that not only met my expectations, it blew them away. And my expectations where sky-high for this one.

    The Dark Knight goes beyond being the greatest Batman movie ever and becomes one of the classics we’ll still be in awe of 20 years from now.

    Go see it. Just not with kids.

    Is God proud of me?

    I’m currently listening to the audiobook of The Shack. While I don’t theologically agree with the book, one of the ideas put forth is God being proud of the work we do, like a parent of any child would be.

    I look at my kids. They bring me things they’ve made with that look of expectation on their face. Sometimes it’s just a rock, but they are beaming with pride either way. And it’s my love for them that makes me proud of what they do. I don’t necessarily care about the rock, but I love them so much that I have an interest in the rock and I’m proud of them for discovering it.

    Is it the same way with God? Is he proud of the work we do? Does he look at the photos I make with the same feelings I have when my sons draw me pictures? Does he look at the things I write and create fondly because I created them with talent he’s given me? How different would our lives be if we looked at each project knowing we could please God if we do our best, even on the small things?

    I can’t shake this thought and I’m in awe that God might be proud of the work I do.

    I don’t really know the answer to all those questions, but I know if he is proud of what we do, he must have the universe’s largest refrigerator to hang it all on.

    What do you think?

    DRM and you

    This is a quick post for iTunes users. Have the DRM (digital rights management) restrictions on the song ever created any problem for you? I’m in a hurry this morning so I don’t have time to look it up but I think Apple’s DRM allows you to play a song you purchase on up to 5 computers and an unlimited amount of iPods or iPhones.

    While I think the world would be a better place if it were DRM-free, I’ve also never had any problems with the restrictions or hit any of the limits.

    So other than the fundamental gripes people have with DRM (like, we buy the songs, we should be allowed to do what we want with them), has it ever created issues with your daily use?

    Quote of the day

    This will only be funny to people that have played games online. Let’s just say it’s populated mostly by idiots.

    Oh, and 256-player online? We don’t doubt it will work … we just doubt our brains’ ability to process 255 racial slurs and/or homophobic remarks simulatenously.

    From this story talking about a new Playstation 3 game with 256-player online battles.