Is God proud of me?

I’m currently listening to the audiobook of The Shack. While I don’t theologically agree with the book, one of the ideas put forth is God being proud of the work we do, like a parent of any child would be.

I look at my kids. They bring me things they’ve made with that look of expectation on their face. Sometimes it’s just a rock, but they are beaming with pride either way. And it’s my love for them that makes me proud of what they do. I don’t necessarily care about the rock, but I love them so much that I have an interest in the rock and I’m proud of them for discovering it.

Is it the same way with God? Is he proud of the work we do? Does he look at the photos I make with the same feelings I have when my sons draw me pictures? Does he look at the things I write and create fondly because I created them with talent he’s given me? How different would our lives be if we looked at each project knowing we could please God if we do our best, even on the small things?

I can’t shake this thought and I’m in awe that God might be proud of the work I do.

I don’t really know the answer to all those questions, but I know if he is proud of what we do, he must have the universe’s largest refrigerator to hang it all on.

What do you think?


  1. says

    I’ve always been amazed by Haggai 1:8, where the Lord tells Israel to go to the mountain and build the temple, “that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified.”

    The idea that the uncreated One takes pleasure in something men create astounds me.

  2. says

    I frequently have the same thought about if God is as proud of me as I am proud of my kids despite the fact that their “projects” are not always that impressive. I have learned so much about how God views me based on my relationship with my children. I always thought people said kids were a blessing because kids are cute and fun to be around. I have realized over the past eight years that kids are a blessing because they provide a window for us to see God’s love for us. Very nice post. Thank you.

  3. Johnny says

    I know this is an old post but it just helped me to realize something I’ve pondered for years… If pride is a sin then how is God proud of us?
    From what Lex and Amanda wrote (thank you) it help me to realize that God isn’t proud of us but rather he takes pleasure in us as Lex quoted in Haggai 1:8. We are all guilty of sometimes driving nicer cars than we need or buying jewellery that we can’t afford right? This may be a sense of pride however when our kids get excited about something they seemingly struggled so hard to achieve it makes us happy that they overcame that obstacle whatever it may be. On the other hand if my friend catches a fish, then I catch a bigger one I’m proud because I caught the biggest fish when really I should just be grateful I caught anything at all. God states over and over in the old testament that he wants us to depend on Him and have faith in him. If we can do these things it makes him happy just as it tickles me when my daughter’s happy just as I’m sad when she is sad rather than being happy when I’m feeling better than she is..hopefully this will never be the case but you dig right?.

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