Just a warning to those of you thinking of having kids, once you get to the three kids point, a date will be a minimum of $100.

$50 of that is just for the baby sitter.

The rest is just a meal and a movie.

It’s just depressing. So if we want date night once a week, that’s a budget of $400 a month. We’re about to start trading baby sitting with other couples because that’s just ridiculous.

So do you have date night once a week? What are some cheap alternatives?


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    We try to date night once a week but we don’t have kids so it’s a bit easier for us. We usually just go out to dinner and sometimes, we’ll got a Border’s and hang out reading books together or walking around.

    Maybe find a nice play to park and walk around like a park or something along those lines. Instead of going to the movies, maybe renting one and staying home.

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    we haven’t had regular date nights in a long while. that is something we will implement when i cut back hours at my second job.
    we’ve used our parents and siblings for free babysitting, but they are busy and we don’t want to burn out the relationship.
    i’m just as eager to hear the ideas.

    and remember, there’s always web-cam sitters.

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    Don’t see it as “trading baby sitting with other couples”… See it as investing in the marriages/families of others and allow them to do the same with yours.

    My husband and I did that for years until our sons started reaching the ages of no longer needing someone to stay with them. That does eventually happen… I promise.

    Huge blessings can be had by all involved if done with the right Spirit. Dating our spouses is not only important for the marriage relationship, but also for the family as a whole.

    Some times it is great to have the kids go over to someone else’s place and the husband and wife just to have that time alone in the house together. Not doing housework… not in separate rooms… Just one thought of many… lol

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