Let’s see how the sausage is made

I was watching the vote in the House of Representatives today on the $700 billion bail out package. What was interesting to me was all the activity after the vote failed. All the activity on the house floor and the deals that had to be going on to try to get the vote swung to the other side.

In this day and age of technology and transparency, would it be possible to have each representative with a live microphone while they are on the house floor? You could watch it all online and have an app where you could choose which people you actually hear. Let’s see all the deals that are really being made to make things happen. Show us how laws are really made. I think if that happened we would never vote any of the current crop of politicians back into office.

Would that be interesting to you?

The Great Sushi Experiment: Newly Embedded Edition

Look at me, I finally figured out how to embed Viddler videos in WordPress. So now I give you The Great Sushi Experiment: Newly Embedded Edition.

A little history, a few months ago I decided to try sushi for the first time thanks to the encouragement of a bunch of Twitter friends. So Dave was kind enough to be my sushi sensei and the train wreck ensued.

So, if you’ve never seen it, enjoy on this lazy Saturday.

The doctor is out

In my book, a hospital is one of the worst places on earth to spend any amount of time. I hate being in hospitals. I’ve never had to stay in one for more than about an hour for myself but I’ve been there plenty for Becca and the boys. Hate ’em.

And I don’t think I’m alone. I don’t know anyone who likes being in hospitals.

So what is this obsession we have with tv shows set in hospitals? I think I’m just done with medical-related tv shows. Why do I want to spend time in front of the tv just to get the heebeejeebees (did I spell that right?) thinking about being in the hospital. No thanks. I’m done.

So how about you. Any big Grey’s Anatomy/House/E.R. fans out there? Why?


Check out this movie. It was shot with the new Canon 5D MkII. That’s full 1080HD video from an SLR camera. I was considering upgrading to a Nikon D3 late this year or early next. I think I’ll wait until this functionality comes along to the high-end Nikon line.

The ability to shoot HD video with the same camera I use for photography would be amazing.

Pray for David

Please pray for my good friend David. He had a motorcycle accident today and has to have surgery on his broken leg. He’ll be down for a few days. Pray for his family as well.

Note to self

When Becca says “These pancakes are special,” the proper response is not “Uhoh.”

I’m guessing that applies to all wives. Men, learn from my mistakes.

Taking a pass on HD

Last week, Apple introduced HD versions of TV shows. It’s pretty cool, but I think I’m going to pass on the HD versions. Why? Well, for one they are an extra $1 per episode. Definitely not a deal breaker but it could add up. The main thing is the size of the files. We’ve already completely filled a one terabyte hard drive with TV shows/movies/music and with the size of the HD files it would happen even more often.

Plus the standard definition episodes look great on my television.

So do you buy video content from iTunes? Do the HD TV shows tempt you?

Leave my money alone

Brain Ayers absolutely nailed something I honestly hadn’t thought of yet.

All the candidates do like to talk a lot about how they will spend our tax dollars, but how do they spend their own money from a charitable stand point? Check out Brian’s post above.

I’m not saying everyone has to give exactly the way I do because I believe it’s a personal thing for everyone. However, if you look at anyone’s finances, you can tell if giving to others is a priority. It’s a huge priority for us and I’d like a candidate that shares that value.