My ultimate

Did you know there is an election tomorrow? Yeah, me either. Totally didn’t see it coming.

But, now that it’s here, let’s acknowledge that by this time Wednesday (barring any asinine lawsuits), about 50% of the country will be losing their minds. And this is the post in which I explain why I simultaneously care deeply for this election and don’t care at all.

I care deeply for this election because I love this country. I love the American dream and I’m living it. I’m working my tail off as a small business owner to build a legacy for my family and I want to the government to stay the heck out of my business! And that is almost entirely what motivated my vote this year.

And here’s why i don’t care so much at the end of the day. This country is not my ultimate. Who is in office is not my ultimate. My business is not my ultimate. Christ is my ultimate. It doesn’t matter who is in office, it doesn’t change my mission in life, to love people no matter what. It doesn’t matter what the new president does or doesn’t do, it doesn’t change my mission.

That’s what makes me nuts about people (especially Christians) who think the world is going to end if the person they don’t like is elected. It doesn’t matter what they do! Your mission doesn’t change. If your ultimate is who is in office, you will be disappointed.

Christ didn’t look to the government to change things. He didn’t rely on their laws to make people do what they should. He loved people. And through that love, lives changed. That’s what we’re called to. And that is why ultimately I will be fine no matter who is in office.



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