Top 10 engagement photos for 2008

Here are 10 of my favorite engagement photos from 2008 in no particular order.

Jessica & Will Engagement
It’s ironic to me to shoot in the beautiful Zilker park and then not use any of the amazing color. This one, however, really grabbed my attention in black and white.

Brittany & Clinton Engagement Session
This was one of the first shots of the first engagement session on ’08. Brittany and Clinton were a blast to work with. They really set the tone for the year with fun, relaxed couples.

Lisa & Steven Engagement Session
We took this in downtown Austin as we were starting to lose our light for the day. We had so many amazing shots of Lisa and Steven.

Sylvia & Robert
In every shoot, you end up with a shot or two that really sizzles. This was one from Sylvia and Robert. My only wish is that the sun wasn’t washing out the top of the sign. Oh well, they more than make up for it.

Jessica & Will - Engagement Session 3/16/08
Sometimes it’s the little details that I love capturing.

Alicia & Francisco Engagement
Speaking of sizzle.

April & Ed Engagement - 3/14/08
April and Ed were a blast. They were up for anything, so we started by playing in the fountain.

Alicia & Francisco Engagement
I loved that Alicia and Francisco wanted to start their shoot at a little neighborhood market near where they live. They have a passion for their community which was very cool.

Jessica & Justin's Engagement
This was one of those casual moments I snapped between set ups. It really captured the fun and emotion involved in these shoots.

Lisa & Steven Engagement Session
The famous blue wall. Almost every couple last year wanted a shot at the blue wall. I like this one of Lisa and Steven best. Those two really are in love.

In the next few days I’ll post our top ten bridal and wedding photos.

My quarterly Twitter post

Time for my a-few-times-a-year follow me on Twitter post. If you’re not using Twitter, you probably should be. If you are, you can follow me here.

I may not always follow you back because at the end of the day I just can’t keep up with everyone. However, I love to talk to people on Twitter. I’m usually around to help with any questions you might have on photography, design, marketing or even how to be such an awesome geek. I do it all.

The problem with readers

When I started this blog I had exactly zero readers. After one year of intense writing and lots of growth, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of five readers. While my readership has grown a bit since then it creates issues. Like the fact that you guys actually read what I write and expect me to do the things I promise.

Case in point from yesterday. I commented on Twitter that I wonder why people read my blog. Possibly for variety? Lex was nice enough to say she kept coming back to see if I’d post more pictures and reminded me I’d promised to post my favorite shots of ’08.


Yes I mostly forgot about promising to do that. Partly because I’ve been really, really busy lately. And also partly because I forget people read these things and actually expect me to do them.

I promise I’ll post my favorites later this week. No really, I will.

Also a note to myself: Don’t promise things on the blog unless they are done already.

Your odds of surviving the zombie apocalypse

Being a fan of zombie movies, and having enjoyed a few lately, I thought I’d present you with a scientific look at your odds of surviving the zombie apocalypse. You should ask your friends to objectively tell you which category you land in. This will give you your odds of survival and let you know if it’s even worth fighting the hordes of undead in the first place.

The Hunky/Hot Leader
You are a tough, no-nonsense kind of leader of either the male of female variety. You have a presence that people naturally follow but may be reluctant to be burdened with the responsibility. It also helps if you are handy with a variety of improvised weapons and explosives. You’ll need the ability to overcome the naysayers in the group.
Chance of survival: 50%
You have the ability to survive. Your survival, however, will ultimately depend of whether the writers of your particular zombie story need to pull one last heart string at the end.

The Love Interest
Every hunky/hot leader needs a love interest. You may be put off by their leadership style at first, but you’ll soon come around.
Chance of survival: 78%
Your odds are good because you have the most capable member of the group who is willing to sacrifice himself/herself for you and your newfound love. You should probably feel a little bad about that if you survive in this fashion.

The Snob
If you are male, you are between the age of 30 and 55. You talk incessantly about your high-powered job and the amount of money you make. Used to having your way in the corporate world, you will not adjust well to the new order of zombie anarchy. You will discover the term “power lunch” means something entirely different to zombies. If you are a female, you are between the age of 17 and 25. You will be more concerned with your nails and your trust fund than with your coming death.
Chance of survival: 0%
Bad news for those in the highest tax brackets. Not only will you die, it will almost certainly be one of the most gruesome of deaths. Also your death will probably be accompanied by applause because you’ve been a jerk to pretty much everyone. If zombie films have taught us anything, it’s that our consumer culture is evil and your death will put the period at the end of that statement.

The Elderly
Sorry. Your chances of survival aren’t great. Fast or slow, these zombies have numbers on their side. And let’s face it, you just aren’t as speedy as you used to be, are you? But, cheer up, you’ve lived a good, long life.
Chance of survival: 28%
Not only will you most likely die but several members of the group will also perish trying to save you.

The Soldier
You’ve fought wars. You’ve killed people. The zombie apocalypse is known to you as “just another Tuesday.” You relish each time you get to fight the undead. You are an expert with armed and unarmed combat. Your subscription to Guns & Ammo has just been renewed so you have a reason to live.
Chance of survival: 15%
So why is your chance of survival so low? Well, let’s face it, you were meant to go out in a blaze of glory. Take solace knowing your death will involve really big guns, an explosion and piles of the undead. Also your sacrifice will lead to the eventual escape of the remaining survivors.

The Secretly Infected
Your group has just repelled the latest wave of zombies in a pitched battle. Everyone celebrates this brief victory as you sit in a corner and notice the wound a stray zombie mouth inflicted on you. Luckily it’s hidden under your clothes so no one notices. What now? If you tell them, they will kill you. If you don’t, you become a zombie and will most likely kill some of them. Your selfishness kicks in and you don’t say a word. You figure living, even as one of the undead, is better than death.
Chance of survival: 0%
You just don’t stand a chance. Even if you fully convert to the zombie way, the rest of the group will kill you at some point. This is just one of those days where nothing will go your way. And honestly, you deserve it for betraying the group with your selfishness.

The digital Bible

For two weeks now I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much time to post. But I wanted to quickly ask something. It occurred to me on Sunday that I haven’t used a physical Bible in a long, long time. I primarily use the Bible app on my iPhone (by the fine folks at YouVersion) and read YouVersion on my computer.

The odd thing is I read the Bible more now that it is in convenient digital form than I ever did as a real book.

So how do you read the Bible? Still use the physical book? Am I missing anything by reading it almost entirely digitally? Is it still considered the Good Book if it’s not even a book?

Favorites of ’08

Jessica and Will Wedding Day

Next week I’ll put up a full post with my favorite shots from 2008. While I was gathering a few up I found this one which I particularly loved. It was from Jessica and Will’s wedding in November.

We’re totally screwed

The following quote was from a Yahoo Financial story today:
“Investors looked past another bleak jobs report and hung their hopes on Washington’s ability to help the economy.”

My thought? We are completely and totally screwed. Last I checked, Congress had an approval rating that was a single digit. Hoping they’ll fix it is like hoping the teenager that just picked his nose before wrapping up your hamburger will have some life-changing advice for you.

The 17-hour days

In the recent past I worked 15+ hours almost every day of the week. I had to in order to keep up with the mountain of work. Being a small business means I do everything.

And then I stopped. I was getting a lot of work done but was still always behind. My family was suffering from a severe lack of attention and I was very close to burning out completely.

So I just quit doing it. I stopped working at 6PM every night no matter what. I spent a few hours dedicated to my family everyday. Things got much better.

Last night for some reason (it wasn’t even a big deadline) I worked until midnight. 17 hours all together. Today I feel like I was run over by a truck. The idea of doing much of anything seems like a bad idea. I can tell it won’t be the most productive day I’ve ever had.

And that’s after one night. Now I see all the damage I was doing before by putting in those long hours. The funny thing is since I’ve stopped working so many hours I’m getting roughly the same amount of work done. I’m just less burned out and more productive in the hours I do work.

So what does your schedule look like? Any way to cut out the long hours?

The “J Rule”

Over at I wrote a post about ladies watching action movies with their men. In it I mentioned following the “J Rule” when picking movies. If the name of the hero in the movie starts with a j, it’s a good bet it will be an action-packed movie with a high body-count (the all-important measure of how good a movie is). Think about it.

Jack Bauer
John McClain
James Bond
Jason Bourne
Indiana Jones (ok, that one is in reverse, but still)
James T. Kirk

Am I wrong?