Cody swinging in the sun

Cody swinging at Christmas
Cody swinging at Christmas
Cody swinging at Christmas
Cody swinging at Christmas
Cody swinging at Christmas

I found these while cleaning off some cards for a shoot today. Shooting into the sun is always a little tricky, but add a moving target like a kid on a swing and it gets even tougher. Here were a few I was proud of out of the hundred or so I took.

He asked for it


My brother, Cody, keeps harassing me for not posting anything “funny” on my blog. Then he made the mistake of sending me this self-portrait he took yesterday using Photo Booth.

Tim had a great idea, please give it a caption in the comments.

So there. Funny enough for you?

Still alive

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I’m still alive. We got Cody out of the hospital last week and he has recovered nicely. Conner and I are sick, however, and that’s kept me down for the better part of the week. I’m still not feeling great, but I’m at least functional again.

On the upside, I’m working on some very cool projects, so when I’m not coughing up a lung or sleeping, I’m staying busy.

What a day it continues to be

In case, once again, you haven’t been following on Twitter, I should let you know we are still in the hospital.

They got us to that blessed point where we were ready to go. It was a good thing too, we’re all a little punch drunk and we’ve been fighting Cody ever since the surgery. He hasn’t been himself at all. All he had to do was eat a few bites and we were out the door.

Then he melted down like I’ve never seen him melt down before. He basically Hulked out. Stomping, screaming. The little guy even took a swing at me (I was secretly proud in a manly way). They decided the medication he was on was making him a little crazy. They also decided he (we) got to stay another night to make sure he comes back from the Dark Side.

So we’re still here. More tired. More cranky. Probably more smelly (hey, we’ve been here two days now).

Just pray we get out tomorrow.

What a day it’s been

For those that don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and why don’t you?), today was one of those days.

It started with us taking Cody back to the doctor to try and find out why he’s been running a fever and been feeling generally crappy for a few days. It ended (and I guess is still in the process of ending) with Cody having an emergency appendectomy. For a three-year-old, that’s quite an ordeal.

As I type this, it’s 12:15 in the morning. He finally woke fully up. He was greeted by some new toys and a popsicle. And now we’re watching Ninja Turtles. After midnight. I’m not sure when this day will end but now you see why it’s been one of those days.

A quick thank you to everyone who prayed for us and checked in. I can’t tell you how many phone calls and messages on Twitter we received letting us know you were praying for Cody. You have no idea how much that helped. I love you guys.

Become a better photo marketer

There are a million sites out there dedicated to making you a better photographer. Many are great, some are not.

One of the great resources, though, has always been Zack Arias. The past few days, he’s started presenting video critiques of photographer’s websites on his blog. These have been amazing so far. After just two episodes, he’s taught a lot on photo editing and even website features.

These are all critiques of photographers who’ve asked him to take a look at the site. I haven’t asked specifically because I already know of some huge problems with my site and I’m working to correct them right now. Then maybe I’ll get up the courage. Until then, check out episode one and episode two here. I promise these will help you be a better photo marketer.

And thanks again to Zack for always being such a great resource.

Thank God we didn’t start the shiv-making lessons yet

We’re just enjoying a hectic Friday deadline day when the phone rings.

It’s Colton’s vice-principle.

Colton is in trouble.

For stabbing a classmate.

With a thankfully unsharpened popsicle stick.

It’s really not as bad as it sounds. Just two boys doing what boys do when given anything resembling a knife or sword. They fought. Somehow though, Colton managed to draw a small amount of blood so the principle had to be brought in. Apparently it wasn’t a big deal, but it was one of those things where we had to be called. Still, that’s not a call you really want to get.

This is for my brother, who called today to let me know I haven’t blogged anything funny/useful/about my kids in a while. This one is at least two out of three.