Need some opinions

Daily iPhone June 09 8x10

I created the above 8×10 from 20 of my favorite photos from my June 2009 daily iPhone photos. I really just wanted to order a print for myself but then I had an idea. I thought I’d run it by you guys.

What if I offered a subscription service where at the middle of every month you received a shiny new 8×10 print like the one above of 20 of my favorite shots from the previous month?

I’d limit it to 20 subscriptions and they would be $12 per month for a six month subscription (basically $72 up front). That would include shipping, tax, and anything else fun I could throw in there at some point. The only reason I’m asking before just outright doing it is to see if anyone is really interested. I like them, but they are my pictures so I’m not exactly objective.

At $12 a month per print I make a solid $5 each. Times 20, that’s $100 a month profit. That’s not exactly worth it when you figure in all the time it will take to produce/package/ship/manage, however, the idea that 20 people would want prints of my random iPhone photos in their house makes me happy. So, $12 per print is about as low as I can go and still justify it. Each print would be produced by our professional lab and be numbered just like the one above.

So I leave it to you. Would anyone be interested in something like that? If you say no, you really won’t hurt my feelings (I don’t even think Becca would pay for it), but I would like to know either way.

Just post a comment with a yeah or nay. And a yes isn’t a commitment, it just lets me know you might be interested if I ever did it.

6-30-09 Daily iPhone photo

6-30-09 Daily iPhone photo

Today I had a great photo shoot with Tim, Sarah and the lovely little Ella. At this point we were hiding from the rain outside. I was snapping a few more shots of the family. I pulled up one of the photos of Ella on my camera and turned it around to show her. This was her reaction to her own picture.

Taken with the iPhone using the Helga setting in CameraBag.

6-26-09 Daily iPhone photo

6-26-09 Daily iPhone photo

You are looking at one of the coolest presents I’ve ever been given. My mom and dad gave me that autographed Nolan Ryan baseball for Christmas a few years ago. Growing up, Nolan Ryan was my hero. In a lot of ways he still is.

So what’s the coolest present you’ve ever received?

Note to everyone who’s ever given me a present, yes, I loved your present too. But come on, this is an autographed Nolan Ryan baseball.

Taken with the iPhone using the Helga setting in Camera Bag.

Looking in all the wrong places

There are times when I want to shut everything down. I want to close my business, go get a job and just work for someone else. I know ultimately I would be unhappy working for someone else, but the temptation is there. The temptation of more reasonable work hours and a steady paycheck.

It usually happens on weeks like this one. Challenging weeks when I work 15-hour days and yet still no checks come in. Just a typical week of owning a business, but after four years, I’ve had enough of those weeks that they wear me down easier. Deep down, I know this is what I’m supposed to do, and I know I’ll probably get enough checks in next week for an entire month. That’s how it works, but I get tired. The real problem, though, is I’m looking to the wrong things for peace.

Ultimately, I want to work less hours, so I can rest more and have peace. I want a steady stream of money so I can be comfortable and at peace. I’m reminded that ultimately Christ is the only thing that will give me that peace. His peace transcends money and time and all the other worries that plague me.

Why is it so much easier to give in to worry than it is to give in to the peace Jesus offers?

6-19-09 Daily iPhone photo

Daily iPhone photo 6-19-09

Today’s photo isn’t overly exciting, however, I’ve had a few requests to see our new promotional material I made for this weekend’s bridal show. The top is a 5.5″ x 17″ brochure with all our pricing information and a little about us. The bottom card is a 4″ x 4″ card with our contact info. I know most people normally hate oversized business cards (at least according to my informal Twitter poll), however the purpose of these is to stand out when people take home their bag and we’re in there with hundreds of other vendors. They aren’t really for daily use.

Both did turn turn out great. I’ll post some better photos one of these days.

Taken with the iPhone.

6-18-09 Daily iPhone photo

Daily iPhone Photo 6-18-09

Having a few clients out of town, there’s a specific two-hour stretch of road I drive quite often. I don’t particularly like the driving, but I do like the opportunity to just look around and enjoy the view. Say what you will, I think Texas really is a beautiful state. Maybe you had to be raised here to appreciate it, but I love it.

Taken with the iPhone with the Magazine setting in CameraBag.

6-16-09 Daily iPhone photo

Daily iPhone Photo 6-16-09

It really isn’t my intention to just post pictures of food. It just so happens that Becca made some amazing bacon sandwiches that I twittered about non-stop for an hour. So, by popular demand, here’s the sandwich. Two slices of bacon broken in half. Yes, I said broken. I like my bacon crispy. Add a little real mayonnaise to the toasted bread and a small hunk of cheddar cheese and you have a meal.

Taken with the iPhone with the Lolo setting in CamerBag.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
I call this one Texas Wedding.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
They had two really beautiful cakes. I loved his beach cake, which turned out to be a surprise for him.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy had an amazing dress too.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
How appropriate. The guys group shot in a walk-in cooler, and the ladies in a beautiful room.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
We always end up with huge wedding parties.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
This was one of my favorite shots of the day.

Wendy + Cory Wedding Day
Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding. It was an absolute blast.