The one where I vomit for an audience

The Great Sushi Experiment


So here’s how it works in my life. I have a select few things I love. Everything else is completely off my radar. In other words, I don’t try new things. Ever.

Trying new things only leads to disappointment. Lately, however, I’ve had this crazy urge to try sushi. I tried to get some buddies to talk me off the ledge. But every one of them said to do it.

So here’s where you come in. Over the past week I’ve seen Mogulus used a few times for live internet broadcasts. I want to try it out for myself. So, assuming the technology works, I’ll be trying sushi for the first time ever (and more than likely vomiting). I’ll record it and post it to the blog in the very likely chance that no one shows up to watch live. But I’m also going to promote the heck out of it the next week and just see if it works.

Next Friday, the 11th.
2PM, central time.

The broadcast will be here.
And I’ll Twitter the whole thing which you can follow here.

Next Friday I’ll drive to HEB (where they have a fresh sushi section) and buy a variety to try. I’ll try one of each, no matter how much I hate it. I can’t stress what a big deal it is for me to try something new. It never happens. This may be a once in a lifetime event. I’ll probably never try anything new ever again after this.

Spread the word.