Studios Blog Update: Magazines, Cows, iPhone book deadline

Every week or two I’ll be posting an update on the activity on all our other sites, for those that only subscribe here. – Commercial + Editorial

Tarleton Magazine #1 Photos

I posted some shots of a magazine cover I had published recently for Tarleton State Universty in Stephenille.

Leon Clift

Here are my favorites from a shoot I did for my father-in-law Leon Clift for his new website. – Wedding + Family

Cale's Senior Portraits

We had a lot of fun shooting Cale’s senior portraits. Check out my favorites here. – iPhone Photography

2-10-10 iPhone photo

I’ve been keeping up with daily iPhone photos and I’m working hard to finish the first issue of Life Through a Tiny Lens by March 1st.

I’ve also set up a Twitter account for TinyLens and a Facebook fan page for ImageStudios that covers everything we do.

Tiny changes

Last night I put the finishing touches on another new site, It will be the new home for all my iPhone photography. So why move it from it’s home here on my lowly blog to it’s own site? Well it’s time to turn it into something bigger. Like my move to launch and over the last month, I’m dividing out the various things I in order to give them their own home to live, breath and grow.

And also, it’s so I can do this:

I’ll be releasing two issues of Life Through A Tiny Lens a year. I decided to do it biannually for two reasons. One, I’m impatient and don’t really want to wait an entire year to release something. And two, being that it is print-on-demand, keeping it to 120 pages per issue will make it slightly more affordable each time. It will be available as a 7″ x 7″ book in either soft or hard covers. It will be full of iPhone photos I’ve taken from June 1st through December 31st of last year. It will also include new writing throughout. Moving all this to it’s own website will allow me to brand everything under the brand, which I have a few other plans for.

The first issue will be available to order March 1st. Until then I still have a lot of writing, editing and proofing to do on it.

Honestly, when I started taking iPhone photos I never really thought much of it. But over time it has changed how I view the world and photography. I’m proud of the work and hope you enjoy it too. The book will by no means lead to riches and fame, in fact I have very tiny (pun intended) goals for it. For me it’s more about shooting for myself and not a client. I’m moving this year to do more work for me and then drag you guys along for the ride.

2-2-10 iPhone photo

2-2-10 iPhone photo

This is the view of my glass desk from the floor beneath it. I really, really need to clean it off. I found this shot when I was unplugging the monitor to pack it up for the bridal show. I though the light coming through the glass turned out really beautiful.

I’m working on something new for all these iPhone photos. Look for an announcement, hopefully by next week.

Taken with the iPhone using Best Camera.

1-28-10 iPhone photo

1-28-10 iPhone photo

I actually took this one a long time ago but never posted it. I found it while digging through the archives. I’ve finally decided what I want to do with all these iPhone photos I’m amassing. It should be very cool.

Taken with the iPhone using Best Camera.

1-27-10 iPhone photo

1-27-10 iPhone photo

Taken at yesterday’s early morning shoot. Again, nice sunrise. Just not nice enough to encourage early rising on a regular basis. I’m just not a morning person.

Taken with the iPhone using Best Camera.