Studios Blog Update: Magazines, Cows, iPhone book deadline

Every week or two I’ll be posting an update on the activity on all our other sites, for those that only subscribe here. – Commercial + Editorial

Tarleton Magazine #1 Photos

I posted some shots of a magazine cover I had published recently for Tarleton State Universty in Stephenille.

Leon Clift

Here are my favorites from a shoot I did for my father-in-law Leon Clift for his new website. – Wedding + Family

Cale's Senior Portraits

We had a lot of fun shooting Cale’s senior portraits. Check out my favorites here. – iPhone Photography

2-10-10 iPhone photo

I’ve been keeping up with daily iPhone photos and I’m working hard to finish the first issue of Life Through a Tiny Lens by March 1st.

I’ve also set up a Twitter account for TinyLens and a Facebook fan page for ImageStudios that covers everything we do.

Tiny changes

Last night I put the finishing touches on another new site, It will be the new home for all my iPhone photography. So why move it from it’s home here on my lowly blog to it’s own site? Well it’s time to turn it into something bigger. Like my move to launch and over the last month, I’m dividing out the various things I in order to give them their own home to live, breath and grow.

And also, it’s so I can do this:

I’ll be releasing two issues of Life Through A Tiny Lens a year. I decided to do it biannually for two reasons. One, I’m impatient and don’t really want to wait an entire year to release something. And two, being that it is print-on-demand, keeping it to 120 pages per issue will make it slightly more affordable each time. It will be available as a 7″ x 7″ book in either soft or hard covers. It will be full of iPhone photos I’ve taken from June 1st through December 31st of last year. It will also include new writing throughout. Moving all this to it’s own website will allow me to brand everything under the brand, which I have a few other plans for.

The first issue will be available to order March 1st. Until then I still have a lot of writing, editing and proofing to do on it.

Honestly, when I started taking iPhone photos I never really thought much of it. But over time it has changed how I view the world and photography. I’m proud of the work and hope you enjoy it too. The book will by no means lead to riches and fame, in fact I have very tiny (pun intended) goals for it. For me it’s more about shooting for myself and not a client. I’m moving this year to do more work for me and then drag you guys along for the ride.

We’re everywhere!

Much of this last two weeks has been consumed with the online strategy for the studio. I’ve known for a while what I wanted to do, but it has taken forever to get it all together. I finally bit the bullet and did it all because 2010 is the year we make all this happen. So below is a list of where to find us and what content is where.

Wedding + Family site ::
As the site is in blog form, I’ll be posting all new photos from shoots under those categories.

Commercial + Editorial site ::
This site is almost exactly like except it will be the home for all my commercial and editorial work.

Studio Facebook Fan Page
This is for all you Facebook fans out there. It will be a hub where we’ll post links and discussion about all our work across all of our sites. This might be the best place to keep up with all that I do, photography-wise.

Personal Blog ::
This is what you’re reading right now. I’ll keep posting personal thoughts and iPhone photos here, along with an occasional update about the studios sites. I’ll also post ImageRecap episodes here for now, which reminds me, I should really crank out another one of those.

Personal Twitter account ::
If you just need to hear what I think up to the minute, (and really, why wouldn’t you?) this is the place for you.

Personal Facebook Account ::
Again, for all you Facebook lovers (sorry, I’m not one of them) this will duplicate much of the content of my Twitter account.

“But Chad,” you ask, “Isn’t that all very complicated?”

Why yes, yes it is. However, it’s all for the best. Each site serves a very specific purpose. The two studio sites/blogs are for marketing purposes. The personal blog, Twitter and Facebook are generally what I’m thinking about. The point is to have representation wherever our clients may be. So that’s our strategy for 2010.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate each of you guys. The fact that anyone reads what I write and looks at what I shoot makes me happy. This is going to be an amazing year filled with great new projects. I hope you’ll be there with us the entire time.

Become a better photo marketer

There are a million sites out there dedicated to making you a better photographer. Many are great, some are not.

One of the great resources, though, has always been Zack Arias. The past few days, he’s started presenting video critiques of photographer’s websites on his blog. These have been amazing so far. After just two episodes, he’s taught a lot on photo editing and even website features.

These are all critiques of photographers who’ve asked him to take a look at the site. I haven’t asked specifically because I already know of some huge problems with my site and I’m working to correct them right now. Then maybe I’ll get up the courage. Until then, check out episode one and episode two here. I promise these will help you be a better photo marketer.

And thanks again to Zack for always being such a great resource.

My quarterly Twitter post

Time for my a-few-times-a-year follow me on Twitter post. If you’re not using Twitter, you probably should be. If you are, you can follow me here.

I may not always follow you back because at the end of the day I just can’t keep up with everyone. However, I love to talk to people on Twitter. I’m usually around to help with any questions you might have on photography, design, marketing or even how to be such an awesome geek. I do it all.

Jump on The Love Boat


Yesterday we launched a new site for Legacy at

It’s for our two-week sermon series kicking off this Sunday. Starting this weekend, we’ll be posting practical tips you can use to love your spouse better. Some will be simple things you can do. Some will be grand gestures. All are designed to keep your marriage exciting and let your husband or wife know you love them.

We’d love to hear your ideas too. You can email any of them to theloveboat [at] or follow us on Twitter and send them that way.

We want to use this site beyond the sermon series to enrich people’s marriages. If you are married, you know the stresses of life and how they can effect your relationship.

And please feel free to blog about the site as well. Let me know when you do.

Random links – 1/12/09

Here are some random links I came across on Twitter today.

Hitler versus Windows Vista.

A man tries to pay his bill with a drawing of a spider.

Growing up Star Wars. And awesome Flickr pool of kids growing up with Star Wars.

Another nerdy link, Star Wars re-imagined for World War II.

A look at the features of the Obamamobile.

And finally, the disaster that is Olan Mills.

A FAIL, WIN kind of day

So today Congress passed the massive economic bailout, I mean “relief package.” I consider that to be a massive economic FAIL.

However, on the exact same day, my buddy Nate is completely out of debt. And that’s a huge WIN! Anyone who is in debt and feels like you’ll never get out should spend a few hours reading his blog. Great stuff.

Good job buddy. The government could learn a little something from you.

Links 9-2-08

A few links that have been stacking up in my reader.

Some amazing underwater photography from 1938. Via Coudal.

Don LaFontaine, the movie-trailer voice guy died yesterday. You can visit his official website here. Over 5,000 movies he did the voice for. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.

An amazing classic Volkswagon ad via American Copywriter.

Nate has been on a year-long quest to become completely debt free. They are so close. You can follow his “If I were debt free” series here.

Matt Chandler, pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, is now blogging here. Very good stuff.

9 Reasons not to date a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Vintage color photos of U.S. cities. Great stuff. Via Coudal again.

Clayton’s amazing birthday wish for his daughter. Do not read it if you want to maintain any sort of manly no-crying streak.

Reply, reply, reply, reply

This post by Seth Godin puts into words a constant struggle I deal with, the never-ending inbox.

Most of my mornings start with organizing my to-do list for the day and answering e-mail that came in over night (usually 10-20). By the time I’m done answering all of those I’ve received a few responses plus my normal dose of just-in-the-office-time-to-email-Chad emails. So I answer those and more comes in and before long the vicious cycle begins. I’ll look up at the clock, realize it’s lunch time and I’ve been answering e-mail all morning.

Some people just check e-mail once or twice a day and respond accordingly. I can’t do that because about 60 percent of what I do is deadline driven which means I need my e-mail immediately. Plus if it stacks up in the inbox, I tend to have a bigger desire to ignore it.

What do your daily e-mail habits look like?