The perfect bed

Kacey has decided the sink in the kids’ bathroom is the perfect bed for her. I have to say, I think she has a point.

And yes, I was tempted to turn on the water.

Heart attack moments

Inspired by a conversation yesterday I’ll leave you with a question while I’m gone.

When was the last time something happened that you’d qualify as one of those “heart attack” moments?

Mine was two weeks ago. On a shoot I changed out a lens. I grabbed my backpack with all my camera equipment and hefted it onto my shoulder. Turns out I forgot to zip it up. Many thousands of dollars worth of camera lenses and bodies came tumbling out to the tile floor below. I’m 6’2″ so it was a long fall.

I stood there for a moment, working up the bravery to check on it all. Luckily everything was ok, but for a minute I was not a happy camper.

So what was your last heart attack moment?

Thinking globally

Occasionally I need a change of venue, so I go sit at local coffee shops and work. In doing this I spend a lot of time watching people and, honestly, eavesdropping.

Today I was watching…er…eavesdropping on a group of older men. I listened as they proceeded to solve the problems of the world. Everything from energy issues to terrorism.

As I was trying to look like I was not listening, I began to wonder at what age people stop focusing inward and look beyond themselves. At what age to people begin to think globally? Most people my age are concerned with new houses or how big their TVs are (I should know, I have a new house and a huge TV so I’m including myself in the conceited category).

What if we started thinking outside ourselves at a younger age? What if we took the money we were putting into a TV payment and gave it away each month?

What would the world look like then?

This post pairs well with “Can’t afford not to” and a grande-sized cup of guilt flavored coffee.

I know you’re busy but…

Can we just retire this phrase?

Most people see it as a polite way of getting you to do something.

What you’re really saying, though, is “I know you’re busy, but what I’m about to tell you is far more important.”

Where can I find a good used igloo?

When I left Austin this morning it was a balmy 55 degrees. A quick two-hour drive north and I discovered Stephenville was a frigid 40 degrees.

Outside shoots all day.

Short sleeve shirt.

No coat.

I’m pretty sure my arms have frostbite.

Some friend

So I get a forwarded e-mail from someone with the title “Friendship Bracelet.”

The very first line after that says “Ifyou delete after reading … you’ll spend a year of ill luck!”

First of all, what friend says that to another friend? Second, no I didn’t change that at all. Those errors were included. If you’re going to write e-mail, learn to use the English language. Come on.

And now, a repost of something I wrote on April 16 of last year. To all those in my life who feel the need to forward me every e-mail that you get.

Every time you forward, a kitten dies

I have far too many people in my life who think the forward button is God’s gift to e-mail. A friend of ours just had a baby. I received the exact same birth announcement e-mail from five different people. FIVE!

So, please stop forwarding crap to me. Yes, the squirrel skiing is very cute. Yes, the redneck driving his lawnmower into the lake is funny. Yes, forwarding allows you to share in the cleverness of it all.

And no, I don’t care what you put at the end of the e-mail, I will not forward it on. I actually received an e-mail the other day with scripture at the end about spreading joy to motivate me to forward it. People really can make the scriptures say anything they want. I’m pretty sure forwarding e-mail makes God sad. Hit delete, not forward.

If you suffer from forwarditis, please see a doctor. Or maybe just cancel your internet service. I’m begging here.

Note: This doesn’t apply to my dad, who always sends the best jokes. The rest of you, knock it off.

Daddy needs a new bag

I picked up a new MacBook Pro today and need a new bag to go along with it (it’s too big for my old one). I want something that isn’t bulky and, in fact, is very slim.It needs to be able to hold the laptop, power adapter and a small external hard drive. Bonus if it can fit the new wireless keyboard and mighty mouse.

In addition to the MBP, I also grabbed the wireless keyboard. I’m not sure why, but I have plans to use it on the road. It’s an amazingly small keyboard. I love it just for the design if nothing else.

Suggestions anyone?

Resolution expectations

So how many of your New Year’s resolutions demand absolute perfection (I will run on the treadmill EVERY day)?

And how many are just a goal you will do your best to work towards, while acknowledging you probably won’t hit the goal (I will get completely out of debt)?

Poor kids

I stood there before an entire line of canned fruit. I grabbed a few cans of peaches and put them in the cart. A mom with two young kids wheeled around the corner and stopped in front of the rows of applesauce.

“I want Scooby Doo applesauce,” one of the kids said.

“No,” the mother answered, “We don’t buy Scooby Doo applesauce. And why is that kids?”

“Because Scooby Doo applesauce contains too much sugar,” the kids answered in perfect unison.

Granted they’ll probably be healthier than my kids, but what quality of life can you have without some Scooby Doo applesauce?


Even though the bottle says it is, does it count as a childproof cap if I can open it with one hand and no effort?

Didn’t think so.


What would Predator do? Apparently not support abortion.

Driving through Austin today I saw a bumper sticker that read: Even the Predator wouldn’t kill an innocent baby.

The only thing I can figure is it’s an anti-abortion campaign referencing the scene in Predator 2 where he corners a female cop but sees she’s pregnant. He then stops and leaves her alone instead of killing her. I’m all for anti-abortion but whoever thought that campaign up was smoking something. 90% of the people out there aren’t going to get it. I just happen to be a film geek.